Saturday, October 23, 2010

Keri rocking leopard print in new video !

Keri Hilson is my girl. I luv her music and her style. She is so not afraid to be different. I've loved her since she was singing on Timbaland's tracks. She does things different and the crazier, the better. I also love that she's versatile and can switch it up. Plus, she's from Atlanta, my hometown ! I've been here all my life. Check out this vid. She's rocking leopard print so I had to post. Big ups to Keri Hilson !

Big Things, Small Packages....

I'm the #1 fan of huge handbags. I consider myself a true bag lady and I am known for this. I never like to be caught without something I may need so I  make sure to bring extra items along. However, every now and then a large handbag just doesn't go with what you're wearing. There are times when a smaller handbag will complete the look. I feel super classy when I'm carrying a clutch or other type of small handbag. They are just so gosh darn cute ! Here are some of my favorite small leopard print handbags that I've found so far. Enjoy and do your hand a favor...put one of these in it ! Your hand will thank you !

This is made of faux fur and comes with a strap in case you choose to wear it across your body. Made by Kate Spade and is called Meow Scottie Cross-Body. How cute is that ?

Kate Spade Cat's Meow Scottie Cross-Body

The next one is the Helena faux fur bag. It has gold accents. How cute ! The patent leather flap is magnetic. y favorite thing about this one is the chain portion on the strap. For some reason, it adds a little edge to it, in my opinion. This is made by The Extras.

The next handbag has an entire strap that is like chainlinks. It definitely makes this handbag interesting. This is from the J.J. Winters accessories line. It is suede with leather lining, has studded accents, and a snap front closure.

The next handbag is the Alena Disco Bag by Hype Handbags. It is a leather cross body purse with leopard printed calf hair. I love the gold hardware and stud detailing. As you can tell, I have a thing for chain straps and this one has a  leather wrapped chain shoulder strap. The purse has magnetic closure and inner zip pockets.

The next purse reminds me of sophistication. This is a very classy purse I must admit. This is a leopard print  calf hair satchel trimmed in croc embossed leather. It was gi ven the name "Miss Sicily". This purse was made in Italy. I'm guessing that may be where its name came from. This was created by none other than....drumroll please...Dolce & Gabanna.

There I go with these chain straps again. I promise I didn't do this on purpose ! It so happens to be that most of the small handbags I picked has this feature. Interesting....hmmm. Pack to the product. This is Kate Spade's Cat's Meow Muff. it is a faux fur cross-body that has a hidden outer opening to keep your hands warm. How dope is that? I don't feel it's necessary to mention once again that this has a chain strap with leather. Oops, I think I did just mention it again. Oh well, isn't it lovely?

The next purse is sooo freakin unique. I love it ! I'm a fan of all animal prints. I will tell you that. But leopard print is my first love and the love of my life. I usually don't post things that include other animal prints but this one was so very cute and it is also primarily leopard print so I didn't feel like I was cheating on the love of my life. This is the Prezzo Animal Vintage Shoulder Bag. It is animal print faux leather, has a satin lining, a magnetic closure, and beading. My most favorite thing is that it comes with a drop-in beaded strap, AND a detachable chain strap so that you can wear it anyway you please.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

in-VEST in this now !

Winter is my second favorite season because of coats, jackets, scarves, and VESTS ! My favorite is a vest because they are more versatile. They have no sleeves but still offer warmth. You can walk into a room and not have to remove it as you do a coat. Have you ever been wearing a coat so FLY, you don't want to take it off when you reach your destination? Fall in love with vests ! Here are some of my favorite leopard print vests found to date.