Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can You Say Kardashian ?

I love the Kardashians...well actually I love Khloe first....then Kourtney.....and well, that's about it ! But I do love how they run their business ! Therefore, I'm not gonna talk bad about anyone. Anyhoo, here's a pic I found of them together ! I love it because of the abundance of leopard. Lovely family !

Article Found Here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Superwoman Needs a Cape!!!

I titled this post "A Superwoman Needs a Cape" because I like to think of myself as a superwoman. I've heard many women refer to themselves as such so I believe the feeling is mutual !!! I call myself a superwoman because I get things done ! Despite obstacles in my life, I'm still HERE ! I'm still going strong and maintaining! I'm still setting goals ! I'm still growing ! I'm taking responsibility ! I'm moving FORWARD ! Every woman is a superwoman if you are taking care of business and handling everything life throws at you with style, grace, and DIGNITY !  So to all the superwomen out there, do yourself a favor and get a cape, or a capelet to wear this winter ! I'm biased so of course I suggest you get a LEOPARD PRINT CAPE !

Here are my favorites I've found thus far ! 

The first cape is from Victoria's Secret. I love that it is actually lined with leopard print but is a neutral color that allows you to wear it with more. You can FIND IT HERE !

Now check out this one from! This one is faux fur ! Isn't it cute ?

Leopard Faux Fur Cape

The next cape is called Ruz Faux Fur Leopard Cale and is made by Velvet by Graham and Spencer. I absolutely LOVE the color. It's very unique. This may the one I end up purchasing !!

The next cape is by Wren and is called the Lizzie Cape Coat. I love this one as well. If I was ballin' (lol) I'd be purchasing this one. It's gorgeous. Find it Here !

The next few items are capelets. Just as chic but maybe not as dramatic ! Still love them !

This capelet is from GoJane whom I love dearly. I love that this one is furry and very affordable !

This next capelet is so cute. It's very chic in my opinion. I think it's classy and adds a touch of leopard. It's the Exclusive Lucinda Capelet by What Goes Around Comes Around.
What Goes Around Comes Around Womens Exclusive Lucinda Capelet