"I'm a Rockstar....ooooo baby I'ma ROCKSTAR. Big city, bright lights, sleep all day, up all night".

I'm a lover of life, the good and the bad. I love love and being in love. I love quotes and wise sayings. I love randomness, as you can probably tell. I don't rehearse life. I live it as it goes. I do what I feel but am wise in doing so...most of thetime. Most importantly, I love God. He is EVERYTHING to me.

I am a true girly girl but with a slight edge. I prefer to do the unpredictable. My style is eclectic, quirky, romantic/girly/edgy if that makes sense. I do have a thing for crazy colored sneakers though. I love perfume. It is my crack and I must limit how much I can have. I love leopard print, of course. It is my signature style, so no surprise when you see me wearing it. I have a thing for cupcakes as well and love items with its image. I also love items with the images of guns, headphones, and ice cream on them.

I will write something in this section one day that will be really clever and will grab your attention, taking you on a wild ride and enticing you to learn more....but today is not the day. I got other thangs to do. Ha !

Email : bambi_eyez@hotmail.com