Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Backpacks aren't just for school !

As a child, I always looked forward to picking out a new bookbag for the school year. I would quite excited about it...much like the excitement I get now when buying a new handbag. As a young girl I felt my bookbag would showcase my personality and would give an indication of the creative genius I harbored inside. I always went for the backpack that stood out. Boring was not my thing and it still isn't. I remember a time when bookbags became a fashion accessory, designed as a sleeker package. That time has come again ! I will definitely be rocking a stylish backpack this fall ! I love the ease of a bookbag. I miss the days of showing off my style without something swinging from my shoulder or having to carry it. I can now free up my hands....which is exactly what I need as I shop like my life depends on it. How can you turn this down? Fashionable and functional? GENIUS !

Below are the cutest leopard print backpacks I've seen thus far ! Enjoy!



And as always, EBAY! has some cute offerings. Just type the words "leopard backpack" into the search box and you can then select whatever strikes your fancy. Here are a few that I found irresistable!


Sunday, July 1, 2012



If interested in these, check out work by Jeremy Scott and also www.thechicksters.com.


Saturday, March 17, 2012


OMG ! I found this picture on Free Photo of the Day. The exact page can be found here. I never would have imagined that a taser would come in leopard but alas, it does. I find this hilarious. This is made by a company named Taser International and this is model C2. They call it "Fashion With a Bite". How cute! This is also.....get this....A MUSIC PLAYER. I promise I'm not making this stuff up. Oh and this also has laser sight and comes with a training DVD. I suggest that you watch the DVD before you hurt someone, or yourself. I can't get over the fact that they make these in leopard print and other cute colors. This taser has been out at least since 2008. WoW!

If you want to purchase it or read more about it, this site can give you more information and also the price. Here are a few more pics. Doesn't this thing look like a razor?
  Oh yeah, and those are headphones you see.....

Beyonce and Blue Ivy in Leopard

Please visit http://www.punchbowlblog.com/ ! Great site. I found a picture of Beyonce and little Blue Ivy and I'm posting it because Beyonce is wearing leopard flats with a cat's face design complete with gold whiskers. I love the flats. But what's even cuter is that little Blue has on a pair of shoes with a mouse design.....awwww. See more HERE.

Snooki's Handbags

I'll be the first to say it so don't crucify me....I have never watched a full episode of Jersey Shore....ever. I have no idea what all the hype is/was about but alot of people were/are fans of this show. A favorite of the show is Snooki who I believe is pregnant and engaged. I know that Snooki is a leopard print fanatic so hey, I like her for that if nothing else. Rumor has it that Snooki is launching a leopard print handbag line which is available at her site http://www.snookishop.com/. Here are a few. Tell me what you think. I personally don't see anything particularly unique or that I want to run out and buy, but I am only one person. I know Snooki has fans all over and I'm sure it will do well as her other endeavors have. I won't keep you waiting. Here they are.....


Okay, shout out to StylePantry.com. If it wasn't for this site, I would never have found out about the Romwe site. I'm in love ! They have very unique clothing, great prices, and free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase amount. Here are some items that I want RIGHT NOW! Make sure you go to the site and check it out. They have so much more than what I will be showing you here. On this post, you get just a taste!

Shrug Detailed Leopard Blazer

Leopard Drawstring Batwing Silk Dress

Make sure you check out their site ! If you don't, you're missing out !

We Wear Short Shorts !

So yeah....I'm excited. I'm in GA and it's getting warm round these parts (said with southern twang). Not that we had a winter this year. GA weather was cray. Totally unpredictable !!! So anyway, it's time to get those legs looking right so start doing your squats and lunges. Get ready ! Chanting " WE WEAR SHORT SHORTS!" Shorts are already sexy, mainly when you wair a pair that flatters your shape. But you know what leopard does to everything....makes it sexier ! Here are a few leopard print/cheetah print shorts that I've discovered.

First up....check out this pair from Nasty Gal which can be found by clicking here.

Next up we have another pair from Nasty Gal. I absolutely love these because they are cutoffs and they look casually sexy. They can be found here. What do you all think?

The next pair of shorts cost a pretty penny. If you are willing to spend it, I say go for it. Must be nice to be a baller. However, for all us REGULAR folk, these can be made if you desire the look. I love the white button down being paired with this. It's so chic. These are Just Cavalli and can be found here.  Once again though, these can be made. Buy a pair of blue jean shorts, find some leopard print fabric, and get to sewing. I think I will head to the fabric store right this second because I am so loving this look. Tell me what you think.

Drop what you are doing! No, don't do that, keep reading. Look at this next pair. Okay, so how freaking hot are these? I LOVE these ! I'm loving the look.....so unique. If you click here you will be loving the price as well ! SWOON

Next up we have just about the cutest, most adorable pair of them all. The huge bow at the front is sooo cute. I can see wearing a simple cream colored tank with these and a long string of pearls. Demurely sexy huh? They can be found here.

Next up is the perfect pair of distressed denim ! Love these. For some reason they scream rocker chick. Buy hey, these speak to me and that's what they are saying to me. Who knows what they are saying to you. These can be found here.

Last but certainly not least, we have another pair that screams Rock On ! These can be found here.

Okay that's it for now ! Thanks for reading !!!!