Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Lucky Beret !

Does anyone remember the Saved by the Bell episode with Screech, his girlfriend Violet, and a lucky beret? Random I know but I used to love that show. I’ve loved berets since then. I think they are so chic and the epitome of what I like to call “sophisticated fun”.  If you all care to read on the history of the beret, visit this link :
The article tells that the beret has long been associated with the French. It was the official hat of France until the Nazi occupation of France in World War II when it was banned because it was associated with French Nationalism. I’m sure you also are aware of berets being a component of military uniforms across the world. Also, berets are associated with artists and poets.  In the past few years, celebrities have begun wearing them and in 2008, they appeared in Fall fashion shows.  This is why they have become more mainstream.

The article goes on to tell exactly how to wear a beret. Yes, it can be worn wrong and you can look like a complete idiot. The article tells us to frame your face by leaving some of your hair down and placing it and inch or so past your hairline. Another tip was to leave it slouchy and loose, not pulling it tightly over your head. Lastly, if you are new to wearing them, try a knit one first because they are not as stiff and more likely to lay the way you expect.
I am dying to try berets this season. What better way to do it than by wearing a leopard print one? Oh yes, I’m on it! Check out the ones I’ve found. Tell me what you think.


Coffee Brown Leopard Angora Animal Print Tami Beret Cap Hat

Retro Leopard Print Beret

Faux Fur Beret Gray Leopard

Edie Leopard Beret

Leopard Beret

Monday, November 1, 2010

WARNING: These will get you noticed....

I love leopard print. That's highly obvious. My second love are shoes. I have to wear a shoe that stands out. It's who I am ! If there is not something unique about the shoe, I don't buy it or even entertain the idea of wearing it. If a shoe is leopard print, it will already stand out. However, I like to go a little further. Here are a few that you should not wear UNLESS you intend to get noticed. If you do not like attention.....don't even THINK about purchasing a pair of shoes. On the other hand, if you LUV attention, carry on in high style. Hope you are the latter. If so, this post is for you !!!