Leopard Inspiration

This page is simply here to give you guys ideas on how to incorporate leopard print into your own lives! I will post decorating pics and fashion pics that inspire me! I'm a sucker for a picture. How does the saying go? "A picture is worth a thousand words". Yes it is! Whenever I'm at a lost, these are the pictures I come look at !

This first one was found at this link http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/decor/msg111952097147.html

I have no idea where the picture came from but I LOVE it ! Someone else may think that it's too much leopard but I think it is just perfect !

This second picture is so freakin gorgeous! I'd do anything to have this in  my house ! Doesn't it look lovely against the white steps? This is a leopard print runner which is perfect because it leaves room for you to see the steps and doesn't totally cover it up. I think the look is accented by the white steps. Whoever took this picture did a great job on the angle. This picture was found at http://www.electricrevisited.wordpress.com/ ! Check out the blog !

Below: Look at these pics found here : http://www.trendir.com/archives/cat_design_trends.html

I'm loving these pics that incorporate leopard print with bathroom decor !

Look at the below picture. I HAVE to have this in a room on my house! I wonder how much this will cost. How sweet is this ? I found this picture at http://www.fafifu.com/amazing-mosaic-glass-tiles-for-room-decoration-from-bisazza/leopard-mosaic