Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

Ok so I know this video came out awhile ago. It' s one of my favorite songs ever ! It gets me hype and motivates me EVERY single time I hear it. Today I was feeling a little down and betrayed. I am also eager to walk into my purpose and come into who I really am and everything I am meant to be. Nicki's lyrics are soooo ME ! I literally came to win and I try to remember this when I need motivation to go to my job in the mornings but also to venture out and do my own thing. I especially love the breakdown "Get ready for it. I came to win". This is my mutha effin motto ! LOL. I decided to post it because I've been listening to the song all day but also because of Nicki's leopard print hair ! I promise yall, I was gonna do my hair like this last summer and never did. So for the record, I was gonna do it first dude ! I swear I was. Anyway, it looks dope on Nicki. Sidenote: Rihanna's hair is hott in this video too. I gotta try it. They stealing all my ideas yo !

Does Anyone Have the Time?

You should already know what this post is about.....WATCHES ! Well duh ! I LUV watches. Everyone has a few pieces that they love to wear as statement pieces. For me, watches are it. I think they scream class. I feel like such a classy girl when I wear them. Now I sound like Tasha from Bad Girls Club 7. Smh... Anyway, watches are also great because they serve a great purpose.....TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. Ha ha ha, I just had a random thought. I love when people say "you know what time it is" as in " you already know", "you know what it is" or in plain english " you know what I'm talking about and you know what's about to happen". It's funny what ends up being a slang term or phrase. Anyhoo, I get sidetracked easily which by the way is one of my winning characteristics. Back to the post ! I luv a nice watch and even more, I love a leopard print watch. So....."you know what time it is". I'm about to post  to show you guys some of my favorites.

The first watch is very different in style from most watches. It appears to have three bands. I also like it because of the studs. It's faux leather and has a snap closure. Check it out. It can be found at Bakers. Go to website !

The second watch is Swarovski- accented and has a leather strap. I love the dark leopard print on the face of the watch. I especially admire the gold accents that links the strap to the dial.

Armitron Leopard Print Watch

I am absolutely in love with the next watch because of it's tortoise shell band. It complements the watch rather nicely, probably because it's a similar color to the colors that are typically found in a leopard print. Also a nice touch is the cubic zirconia trim of the dial. Beautiful watch I think. Very classy !

Leopard Watch with CZ Dial Tortoise Shell Bracelet

The last couple of watches are Baby-G Sports Watches that I find very unique because of the square face of the watch. I also love the material they are made of. They come in several colors and can be found by clicking the link.

Casio Women's Baby-G BGA200LP-5E Gold Sport Watch

If you love lots of bling, then you will definitely drool over the next watch. The face of it is a glittering leopard print and swarovski crystals encircle the face. Isn't it cute? Find it here !

OKAY...HERE'S THE BIG ONE. I AM REQUIRED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE OF THE QUALITY OF THIS WATCH. I WANT THIS ONE.......BAAAAADDD !  Damn me for not picking a better major so that by this time in my life I could be filthy rich and buy this. This is Hublot's Big Bang Leopard Watch. It has 18k red gold, a leopard denim strap, automatic cronograph movement, yellow diamond hour markers, 18k red gold hands, and encrusted jewels around the bezel. Aaaaah ! Help me Baby Jesus !

Under My Umbrella

I used to love that song by Rihanna, cue me singing "ella ella ay ay ay".That was when the world first started to see Rihanna morph into the superstar we see nowadays. She had a new sound, a new look, and a new attitude. By the way, I believe her CD comes out next week so let me just say I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR IT!!! Anyway, off of Rihanna, back to my post. I've been experiencing rainy weather in good ole Georgia lately and I decided to post on leopard print umbrellas. See how I did that? Tied it all together. I mentioned Rihanna because of the name of my post and then I mentioned the rainy weather to explain why I'm posting.'s pure genius right. lolololol.

The first two umbrellas are gorgeous. I love how they appear normal and underneath, BOO-YA ! Leopard galore. LOLOL. For it to be just an umbrella, it costs a pretty penny. But hey, if you got it, spend it and flaunt it.

Find it here !

Of course, here are a few leopard print umbrellas for the normal people with normal money who don't wannt spend more than thirty bucks. That would be me ! *raises hand*

BG Leopard Print Wind-Resistant Premium Umbrella with Free Shipping

Aren't these just the cutest? Go to through the link above the pictures and you can find these. My favorites are the first and the third umbrella. The print is so lovely to me.

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Find it here !

My absolute FAVORITE leopard umbrella would be the next one found on the Topshop website. If you ever see me carrying this in the rain, don't worry...." You can stand under my umber- rella ". I'm soooo corny right?

Friday, November 4, 2011

Adele !

I love me some Adele ! Don't let me be at home by myself and cleaning up ! OOOH! I think I am Adele then ! I have the music on full blast sanging and carrying on and I sound just like her....until you turn the music down. Then I get a reality check. LOL. Here is Adele on the cover of Cosmo looking FAB with her full-figured self ! I love it ! I gotta support my curvy girls ! We gotta stick together. Here she is .....

Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyoncé - Party ft. J. Cole

LUV this video....I'm a color girl (not colored, although I am) so the abundance of bright colors in this video make me wanna sing. I just got inspired in all kinds of ways pertaining to fashion, nails, hair, and LIFE. Beyonce is my girl ! She continues to rock. SHE'S A BEAST ! YES! Anyhoo, I posted this vid because Bey wears a leopard print fur while sitting on a bed and she also wears a leopard print bra. Look closely and tell me if you see it ! I have a prize for the first person to tell me the exact time frame of the video where she first appears in the leopard print bra. Happy Viewing !

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can You Say Kardashian ?

I love the Kardashians...well actually I love Khloe first....then Kourtney.....and well, that's about it ! But I do love how they run their business ! Therefore, I'm not gonna talk bad about anyone. Anyhoo, here's a pic I found of them together ! I love it because of the abundance of leopard. Lovely family !

Article Found Here

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Superwoman Needs a Cape!!!

I titled this post "A Superwoman Needs a Cape" because I like to think of myself as a superwoman. I've heard many women refer to themselves as such so I believe the feeling is mutual !!! I call myself a superwoman because I get things done ! Despite obstacles in my life, I'm still HERE ! I'm still going strong and maintaining! I'm still setting goals ! I'm still growing ! I'm taking responsibility ! I'm moving FORWARD ! Every woman is a superwoman if you are taking care of business and handling everything life throws at you with style, grace, and DIGNITY !  So to all the superwomen out there, do yourself a favor and get a cape, or a capelet to wear this winter ! I'm biased so of course I suggest you get a LEOPARD PRINT CAPE !

Here are my favorites I've found thus far ! 

The first cape is from Victoria's Secret. I love that it is actually lined with leopard print but is a neutral color that allows you to wear it with more. You can FIND IT HERE !

Now check out this one from! This one is faux fur ! Isn't it cute ?

Leopard Faux Fur Cape

The next cape is called Ruz Faux Fur Leopard Cale and is made by Velvet by Graham and Spencer. I absolutely LOVE the color. It's very unique. This may the one I end up purchasing !!

The next cape is by Wren and is called the Lizzie Cape Coat. I love this one as well. If I was ballin' (lol) I'd be purchasing this one. It's gorgeous. Find it Here !

The next few items are capelets. Just as chic but maybe not as dramatic ! Still love them !

This capelet is from GoJane whom I love dearly. I love that this one is furry and very affordable !

This next capelet is so cute. It's very chic in my opinion. I think it's classy and adds a touch of leopard. It's the Exclusive Lucinda Capelet by What Goes Around Comes Around.
What Goes Around Comes Around Womens Exclusive Lucinda Capelet

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pump it Up ! PT. 2....

If you are a fan of leopard print and a fan of my site, you should have come across a previous post titled Pump it Up ! This is the second part...which is obvious LOL. When I wear leopard print shoes, I tend to go for a more unique style of shoe. I love the weird and  unexpected. However, you can never go wrong with a classic pump and it's more versatile, allowing one to wear it with more than one type of outfit. Plus, a leopard print pump is good for those who aren't risk-takers, those who don't want to stand out too much but add a little more umph to their outfit. Here are some of my favorite pairs of pumps I've discovered and though I tend to like the more unique shoe, I may have to take a chance on the classic leopard print pump. Tell me what you think ! Comments are appreciated.

I love this first pair by Steve Madden called the Fierse-L. The material is a soft suede and the shoe has a hidden platform. My absolute favorite part of the shoe is the part that rides up the back of the ankle. HAUTE !
Get them here !

This second pair is designed by Sam Edelman and named the "Portney". It is a favorite because it has a stiletto heel and a pointed toe which I think is so chic. My favorite thing about this shoe is that it has a short- haired hide finish. If you look closely at the second pic of it, you can see what I mean. I love the leopard print shoes Sam Edelman designs!
Get them here !

This next pump is by B.Makowsky and is called the Paley. I love this pair because they don't SCREAM leopard and offer a different spin on the leopard pump. The print is not as bold but this a truly a unique shoe. I love the dark brown print and my favorite detail is the embossed leather accents. My second favorite part of this shoe is the peep toe. I'm a sucker for a peep toe shoe !
Get them here !

This next pair are made by Enzo Angiolini and are named the "Mistle"pump.  I love that it is made of calf hair and I can't resist the open toe. Best feature: the lace and bow at the heel. How cute is that ?! Although this shoe has a low heel, I love the added details that give it a little more edge.

The next pump is designed by Sam Edelman. As I said before, he's a favorite of mine for unique leopard print shoes. This shoe is the Lorna Pump. What I'm loving ? Everything....the peep toe design, the calf hair, the bow with spikes, the cut out of the inner arch...need I go on? What's not to love?