Saturday, November 19, 2011

Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

Ok so I know this video came out awhile ago. It' s one of my favorite songs ever ! It gets me hype and motivates me EVERY single time I hear it. Today I was feeling a little down and betrayed. I am also eager to walk into my purpose and come into who I really am and everything I am meant to be. Nicki's lyrics are soooo ME ! I literally came to win and I try to remember this when I need motivation to go to my job in the mornings but also to venture out and do my own thing. I especially love the breakdown "Get ready for it. I came to win". This is my mutha effin motto ! LOL. I decided to post it because I've been listening to the song all day but also because of Nicki's leopard print hair ! I promise yall, I was gonna do my hair like this last summer and never did. So for the record, I was gonna do it first dude ! I swear I was. Anyway, it looks dope on Nicki. Sidenote: Rihanna's hair is hott in this video too. I gotta try it. They stealing all my ideas yo !

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  1. lol! i love this song! i totally thought of you when i saw nicki's hair! lol great post sweetie!