Saturday, November 19, 2011

Does Anyone Have the Time?

You should already know what this post is about.....WATCHES ! Well duh ! I LUV watches. Everyone has a few pieces that they love to wear as statement pieces. For me, watches are it. I think they scream class. I feel like such a classy girl when I wear them. Now I sound like Tasha from Bad Girls Club 7. Smh... Anyway, watches are also great because they serve a great purpose.....TO LET YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. Ha ha ha, I just had a random thought. I love when people say "you know what time it is" as in " you already know", "you know what it is" or in plain english " you know what I'm talking about and you know what's about to happen". It's funny what ends up being a slang term or phrase. Anyhoo, I get sidetracked easily which by the way is one of my winning characteristics. Back to the post ! I luv a nice watch and even more, I love a leopard print watch. So....."you know what time it is". I'm about to post  to show you guys some of my favorites.

The first watch is very different in style from most watches. It appears to have three bands. I also like it because of the studs. It's faux leather and has a snap closure. Check it out. It can be found at Bakers. Go to website !

The second watch is Swarovski- accented and has a leather strap. I love the dark leopard print on the face of the watch. I especially admire the gold accents that links the strap to the dial.

Armitron Leopard Print Watch

I am absolutely in love with the next watch because of it's tortoise shell band. It complements the watch rather nicely, probably because it's a similar color to the colors that are typically found in a leopard print. Also a nice touch is the cubic zirconia trim of the dial. Beautiful watch I think. Very classy !

Leopard Watch with CZ Dial Tortoise Shell Bracelet

The last couple of watches are Baby-G Sports Watches that I find very unique because of the square face of the watch. I also love the material they are made of. They come in several colors and can be found by clicking the link.

Casio Women's Baby-G BGA200LP-5E Gold Sport Watch

If you love lots of bling, then you will definitely drool over the next watch. The face of it is a glittering leopard print and swarovski crystals encircle the face. Isn't it cute? Find it here !

OKAY...HERE'S THE BIG ONE. I AM REQUIRED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE OF THE QUALITY OF THIS WATCH. I WANT THIS ONE.......BAAAAADDD !  Damn me for not picking a better major so that by this time in my life I could be filthy rich and buy this. This is Hublot's Big Bang Leopard Watch. It has 18k red gold, a leopard denim strap, automatic cronograph movement, yellow diamond hour markers, 18k red gold hands, and encrusted jewels around the bezel. Aaaaah ! Help me Baby Jesus !


  1. got tortoiseshell one from fossil this fall and it's my have accessory... wear it big and loose. These are fun...

  2. Good advice Anne-Marie ! Wear it big and loose. I will remember that. Thanks for following and commenting!