Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excuse me have a leopard on your shoulder

I am obsessed with handbags ! I've already told you all that I am into self-expression and from the things I wear, you would be able to tell alot about the kind of person I am. I told you all that my cell phone was an extension of me. I feel the same about my handbags. I have posted a few. Keep in mind that I am considered by many to be an over-the-top person so you should know that I'm not into boring. I'm into whatever grabs attention. Sooo...I will  not be posting any pictures of boring handbags. After all, leopard print isn't boring therefore whatever it adorns shouldn't be either.

This is a handbag by Jimmy Choo and it is named Blythe Leopard Print Pony Hair Satchel. I think it's gorgeous  but unfortunately, it's for those more fortunate than I. Whoever purchases this one, do me a favor and buy one for me as well. Thanks in advance !

Now this next one is more for me because it's more affordable. It's divine, isn't it ? This hobo bag is called the "Maya" and the designer is Gianna Bini. You can get it at Dillard's !

This next one is just my style. I have a thing for large purses. I'm a bag lady and like to be able to put many items into one bag. This is one perfect for me. From the looks of it, it seems like I could fit the contents of my dresser into it. It seems perfect as an overnight bag possibly. It comes with a matching pouch. How cute is that ? There is also detachable strap. I also like that it appears to be shimmery and I'm all about the bling. It can be found at

How to Apply Leopard/Cheetah Print Eye Makeup

I sooo wanna try this look. Check it out. I'm giving you all several options for learning how to create this look.

How to Apply Leopard/Cheetah Print Eye Makeup

See Leopard Print Eye Make Up. and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep


No matter what option you use, you have to be willing to try this look. You are really missing out if you don't try it at least once. Here are a few more images to entice you.

As my closing argument, I'd like to introduce a picture of one of my favorite entertainers. This is Beyonce sporting the leopard print eyeshadow in her Kitty Kat video. Need I say  more.....

A Highlight on a Great Site

Okay, I don't know if you all are aware but my goal with this blog is not only to post the most unique leopard print items I find but to highlight great sites as well that sell leopard print items. I want you all to be able to locate the pieces I find and to have a site you can go to for all your needs. I am a true addict, a true fan, and I hold nothing back. I found a wonderful site just minutes ago. I already see about ten things I want. The name of the site is It looks hot, and has a variety of items available for purchase. if you are into all animal print, this is a great site for you as well because they sell more than just leopard print. Please check out this site you guys. You will not be disappointed. I know I post items all the time and I always tell you where to find them BUT I like to highlight stores that are specifically geared toward the animal print-loving crowd. Here are some images of items that may persuade you to go to this site.

I Really Have a Thing for Bar Stools

Ok, I know I recently did a post on items furniture pieces and one of them was a leopard print bar stool. However, I did find another bar stool and I thought I'd post it. I believe in fresh posts everyday so I decided not to add it to the old post and to just make a new one. It can be found at . Here it is ! I hope you like !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Put a Ring on It !

Mark my words, I am being dead serious ! If there is any way my man can incorporate leopard print into an engagement ring for me, he never has to worry about me EVER leaving him ! LOL. I love rings and I love leopard print and if he loves me, he'll figure out how to make it happen. No really you guys, I'm sure it can be done but this post is just for highlighting some dope leopard print rings. One of them I really don't wanna share with you guys cuz I want it for myself and don't want anyone else to have it. Smh....BUT, I promise to only give you all my best findings so pat me on the back because the first pic is of the one I want SOOO BAD! The others are rings that I found unique. Adorn you finger ladies or tell your boo to do it ! Oh,let me add, shoutout to my bestie Eboni whose man just put a ring on it. This post is dedicated to her although she is not a leopard print junkie like we are!

I actually own this second ring. It looks GOOD on my finger. I have a necklace to match.

Outlet Item: Sara's Leopard Stretch Ring - Gold

This next one is unique as well. Click on the image to view site for purchasing.

Auragento 14K/SS Bonded Leopard Panther Ring

Go to to check out this next ring. Very unique ! I like !

The next ring is a Stone Pyramid Ring available at When I look at it, it just screams class and sophistication.

Can you say...Swarovski crystals? This ring has them. Available at

Introducing....The Leopard Mini

Ok. One of my followers on Twitter asked me to add leopard miniskirts to the blog. I thought it was a great idea. Ladies love to show a little leg and the only thing sexier than a woman's leg is those same legs coming out from under a leopard print miniskirt. Here are some of my finds. I hope she and the rest of you all enjoy them.

This first one can be found at and it is called the Motel Leopard Print Flippy Mini Skirt. I love that its flowy and has an elastic waistband. Price isn't bad either. If you don't like the flowy look and would prefer something more fitted, the site also has another mini skirt called the Petite Exclusive Leopard Print Mini. I've included a picture of it as well. Take a look below.

The next two miniskirts can be found at . Perfect if you are going for the dangerously sexy look. Ha ha! I have images in both colors. I absolutely adore the zipper in the front. Can you believe this skirt is only twelve bucks !

This next skirt is one of my favorites. I love that the print gets smallet around the zipper and on the pockets. I also like that it's a stretch material. It can be at . Here it is, front and back.

The next skirt will be shown in two colors. I LUV, you hear me, LUV, these skirts because they are ruffled in the front. Yes, ruffles can be sexy ! They are not just for little girls. Because leopard print is so sexy, I think the ruffles give it a girlish, innocent look that's perfect. The skirt was found on and the seller's name is diva_refined. The skirt is made by BEBE.

This next one has a unique twist because it's a waist cincher skirt. The brand is Switchblade Stiletto. Click on the link to find where to purchase.

Switchblade Stiletto Womens WAIST CINCHER SKIRT

The skirt below is unique because it is ruched in the front. The print is gorgeous as well and a little different from leopard prints typically seen. It can be found at www. . Right now it's in the clearance sectiom which means it's a good price ! OOOhhhh!

This next skirt is a swatches of leopard print mesh that hang over a layer a satin. How luxurious ! There is a hidden side zipper. Get is at

WOW! Etsy is the greatest. This next skirt was created by Stella Designs. Unfortunately, it was sold but maybe you can contact the designer or go look for similar pieces.

This next skirt is a mini mini skirt. Lol. I honestly thought it was lingerie but it's not. Very cute indeed.

Etsy does it again ! The seller is named SalonMystique. I'm gonna help yall out. Click here to go to the listing.