Thursday, September 23, 2010

Excuse me have a leopard on your shoulder

I am obsessed with handbags ! I've already told you all that I am into self-expression and from the things I wear, you would be able to tell alot about the kind of person I am. I told you all that my cell phone was an extension of me. I feel the same about my handbags. I have posted a few. Keep in mind that I am considered by many to be an over-the-top person so you should know that I'm not into boring. I'm into whatever grabs attention. Sooo...I will  not be posting any pictures of boring handbags. After all, leopard print isn't boring therefore whatever it adorns shouldn't be either.

This is a handbag by Jimmy Choo and it is named Blythe Leopard Print Pony Hair Satchel. I think it's gorgeous  but unfortunately, it's for those more fortunate than I. Whoever purchases this one, do me a favor and buy one for me as well. Thanks in advance !

Now this next one is more for me because it's more affordable. It's divine, isn't it ? This hobo bag is called the "Maya" and the designer is Gianna Bini. You can get it at Dillard's !

This next one is just my style. I have a thing for large purses. I'm a bag lady and like to be able to put many items into one bag. This is one perfect for me. From the looks of it, it seems like I could fit the contents of my dresser into it. It seems perfect as an overnight bag possibly. It comes with a matching pouch. How cute is that ? There is also detachable strap. I also like that it appears to be shimmery and I'm all about the bling. It can be found at


  1. I love these bags, especially this last shimmery one.

  2. Me too ! The shimmery one is my fav also! The material is coated satin. It's very affordable. You should go to the site to check it out. Thanks for your comment. I'll be sure to post more handbags.

  3. These are fantastic! They're all so gorgeous, I have to go find a leopard print bag now.

  4. Aren't they gorgeous Melissa! I'm set on finding the perfect leopard print bag for myself. I will definitely post more as I find them. Thank you so much for visiting my site and commenting !