Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introducing....The Leopard Mini

Ok. One of my followers on Twitter asked me to add leopard miniskirts to the blog. I thought it was a great idea. Ladies love to show a little leg and the only thing sexier than a woman's leg is those same legs coming out from under a leopard print miniskirt. Here are some of my finds. I hope she and the rest of you all enjoy them.

This first one can be found at and it is called the Motel Leopard Print Flippy Mini Skirt. I love that its flowy and has an elastic waistband. Price isn't bad either. If you don't like the flowy look and would prefer something more fitted, the site also has another mini skirt called the Petite Exclusive Leopard Print Mini. I've included a picture of it as well. Take a look below.

The next two miniskirts can be found at . Perfect if you are going for the dangerously sexy look. Ha ha! I have images in both colors. I absolutely adore the zipper in the front. Can you believe this skirt is only twelve bucks !

This next skirt is one of my favorites. I love that the print gets smallet around the zipper and on the pockets. I also like that it's a stretch material. It can be at . Here it is, front and back.

The next skirt will be shown in two colors. I LUV, you hear me, LUV, these skirts because they are ruffled in the front. Yes, ruffles can be sexy ! They are not just for little girls. Because leopard print is so sexy, I think the ruffles give it a girlish, innocent look that's perfect. The skirt was found on and the seller's name is diva_refined. The skirt is made by BEBE.

This next one has a unique twist because it's a waist cincher skirt. The brand is Switchblade Stiletto. Click on the link to find where to purchase.

Switchblade Stiletto Womens WAIST CINCHER SKIRT

The skirt below is unique because it is ruched in the front. The print is gorgeous as well and a little different from leopard prints typically seen. It can be found at www. . Right now it's in the clearance sectiom which means it's a good price ! OOOhhhh!

This next skirt is a swatches of leopard print mesh that hang over a layer a satin. How luxurious ! There is a hidden side zipper. Get is at

WOW! Etsy is the greatest. This next skirt was created by Stella Designs. Unfortunately, it was sold but maybe you can contact the designer or go look for similar pieces.

This next skirt is a mini mini skirt. Lol. I honestly thought it was lingerie but it's not. Very cute indeed.

Etsy does it again ! The seller is named SalonMystique. I'm gonna help yall out. Click here to go to the listing.