Saturday, May 7, 2011

Leopards in the Pool - Swimsuit Season !

It's about that time ! I'm sooo excited !Are you? This is one of my favorite times of year. I hit the beach or even my subdivision pool and catch some rays. A tan is a must. Don't you agree? Anyhoo, every year I get at least three swimsuits. One of them is usually a normal looking one, ya know, cute but won't turn any heads. This one is for when I'm not trying to impress anyone. LOL. The second one is usually cuter. It's usually a bright color and its well...cute. It turns heads but it doesn't exactly scream "Look at me. I'm sexy". The third one is always the "bombshell sexxi" swimsuit because it makes EVERYONE look. It usually has some areas that are cut out to show a lil more skin. I like for it to be unique. It makes me feel like a diva when I put it on. That is what this particular post is all about. My "look at me now" swimsuit this year will be leopard print. Yep! I just ordered it ! I cannot WAIT to wear it ! I'm squealing with delight at the thought of it. Because I want my leopard print addicts to feel the same way, I have decided to tell you all which one I'm getting, as well as give you a few other options. The first picture will be the one I decided to purchase followed by the other irresistably sexy ones you won't be able to resist. Hope you like !

Vickie Secrets baby !

Promiscuous Tiffany

Pin-up girl sexy !

Last but not least......DRUMROLL PLEASE.....I luv this one. Might have to get it too!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kelly Rowland Rocks Leopard !

I had not idea that Kelly Rowland was a fan of leopard print. It seems everyone is these days. Here she is looking fab ! Enjoy!

Above image found here :

Above image found here :

Above image found here :

Go Jane !

I created this post because I have become quite a fan of ! They have some very cute and chic items at a very affordable price. You all should know by now that I'm a fan of any site that sells even ONE leopard print item. I happened to be browsing this site today looking for some gold strappy heels. See, I have a very special event to attend soon and I really needed these heels. Anyhoo, that's besides the point. My curiosity got the better of me therefore I stopped my search to seek out some leopard print items. I just can't seem to help myself at times! These are a few that I found and fell in love with ! Well actually, it's more than a few. I may have to split this into two different posts! Please check out the site, !

Find these here !

Find it here !       

Get it here !

Click to find!
Find it !  
Find it here ! 

Get all three colors !

Find it here !

Look for my cheers for Go Jane to continue ! I found too many items as you can see that I absolutely love. I'm only posting ones that I would wear myself !