Saturday, September 18, 2010

Hottest Trend For Fall 2010 – Leopard Print -

Hottest Trend For Fall 2010 – Leopard Print -

Check out the awesome post at the link above. Here are some pics from the site to entice you.

I'm back on Cakes again !

Ok. I know that I have already posted about cakes but I found these two and it's my fav so far. I'm thinking bout weddings obviously. Smile ! I wanted you guys to see it right away so I didn't bother going back to add it to the original post. The first pic is my fav but the second one is pretty creative although it has other animal prints on the cake as well. But hey, I love it anyway ! These can be found at

Ivana Trump

I've got a newfound respect for Ivana Trump. Ha ha! Never paid her much attention before but I can tell from this pic that she must have style. I just found this. I think it was from back in 2009. I saw this on You can go read the article here .Check her out ! In this article, she says that she has a leopard room in each of her homes. I'm trying to get like you Ivana ! LUVS it !

I Love Jennifer Lopez !

I've been loving leopard print since leopards have been leopards. I guess leopard print has always been trendy but this season, it's really all over the place. I buy People Style Watch and Glamour Magazine FAITHFULLY. Don't ask me why I won't just subscribe. Guess it's that professional procratinator in me. Anyway, the last issues I bought must have been put together just for me because Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of Glamour adorned in leopard print and her entire photoshoot is sprinkled with leopard print SOMETHING. I opened up People Style Watch and leopard print jumps out, slaps me, and knocks me on the floor. I love these magazines. Please buy them or subscribe ! But back to my topic...check out my girl Jenny !

Let me just remind you guys...Jenny is not a virgin to this wild print. Check her out ! I luv this chick !

Celebs wearing Leopard Print

Celebrity Squares: Stars and spots

Check out the two celebs below ! OMG! Paris went overboard. I love leopard but dang ! LOL. Now, the other chick...who happens to be married to a very sexy soccer player who shall remain nameless (yeah right).....anyhoo, Doesn't she look POSH ?! I got these pics from

Check out the lovely Kate Moss. Isn't she beautiful? I wish I had her eyes.

I found this next pic on another great blog found at Check it out !

Friday, September 17, 2010

All the Rage !

I got this image from

Under $100: Leopard Print

Under $100: Leopard Print

It's Own Post !

Okay this one right strictly for the grown and sexy. This dress is classy and sexy all at once. You all do know that that's possible right? To be sexy and classy at the same time? Okay, if ya do know, then I'm talking to the right people. Some people believe sexy is all about showing EVERYTHANG! I once read a quote that stated, "Sex appeal is 50% of what you have and 50% percent of what people THINK you have". I agree wholeheartedly. Anyhoo, I LUV this dress. I do not own it but I'm about to go and purchase it. Isn't it lovely ? It definitely deserves its on post.

Wild About Dresses !

I thought that there was nothing sexier than a woman in a dress but I was wrong. Turns out, there is just one thing sexier.....a woman in a leopard print dress. And I say this, being the grown and sexy woman that I am. It drives men wild and turns another woman's head. But my main reason for making this claim is that I feel the sexiest when I wearing a leopard pring DRESS. Ladies, I want, NO...need, you to feel the same. Please pay attention to my next couple of posts. They will be pictures of the most unique and sexy leopard print dresses I can find.

Motel The Hatty Dress,Dresses for Women

This next one is a favorite of man because it's leopard print but not with the traditional colors. If you love leopard print, you should love it on any color, although having a preference is understandable. My preference happens to be the tradional black, tan, and brown but this dress, as you can see, is in black, gray, and white. I love the strap on this dress. It's what makes this dress unique. I also like that the dress is flouncy and flirty very ladylike yet sexy.

This next one is just a lil too sexy for me, probably because I don't have the perfect body for it. Ha ! But for the ladies that do, party on in this sexy leopard print party dress. The sides are cut out, for those that like to show a bit more. Enjoy !

Womens Halter Neck Cut Out Bandage Party Clubwear Hot Dress

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My favorite Keychain !

This is my favorite because it has a leopard print shoe on it and that fits my personality perfectly. I'm have a shoe fetish but it's no where near as bad as my leopard print fetish. Luckily, this combines my two fetishes. If you are like me, you'll love the above item.

Who Doesn't Love Keychains?

I'll admit it! I'm a keychain junkie! I am really into self-expression and my keychains are a form of that for me. People always notice my keychains and I so enjoy it. They turn into a conversation piece so I most definitely gotta keep them interested. Not only that, I believe that you can tell a lot about a person from their keychains. You can tell if they got a sense of humor, a sense of style, etc. For instance, if a person has a dog keychain, you can pretty much guess they like dogs. Duh! How many times have you seen the keychains with sayings on them? My best friend, Rashunda, recently bought me a bundle of keychains with sayings on them and they all fit me perfectly. My favorite one read, "I'm not the boss. I just know what you should be doing". I loved it ! I know I've gotten off the subject but my point it, if you love leopard print, what better way to show it than sporting a leopard key chain. Check it out. The first one can be found at The one with the pink heart can be found at The keychain with the heart and key can be found at See, I take care of you guys, don't I ? Smile !

Dinner Anyone ? Or be dinner?

I absolutely love this leopard print apron. I can just see myself cooking dinner for my boo with this on. I'm sure that no matter how the food tastes, he'll love that I cooked it in this. could get a lil creative with the hubby and have a lil playtime and dress up in this. The hubby will probably bite you ! LOL

Get this Apron!

The Watch I Can't Afford...right now

Addicts! I adore this watch by Rolex. However, this may be more suited for my rich addicts out there ! I believe the price is around $58,000. Hmmm......I need a rich man. Ha Ha. I love this watch because of the leopard print and the color. It's eye-catching, detailed, never ME!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Trend Report:Leopard Jackets

Trend Report:Leopard Jackets

Read about how Leopard Print is taking over. Personally, I feel that leopard print has always been trendy while still being classic. When has leopard print EVER been out of style? I remember when I was in the 10th grade, I wore a black sweater with the collar trimmed in leopard print fur. I loved it ! I would carry a black leather purse that had one side covered in leopard print. I was 15 years old then and I am 27 years old now. Leopard is still in style. People may say that it is making a comeback but I beg to differ. Leopard print never left ! In fact, I'm gonna find some old pics of more mature celebrities adorned in our favorite item. Everyone knows that leopard print will be with us forever ! Like it or not haters ! LOL

Know Your Obsession !

How to wear leopard print ! Read this article!

Check out this article on Marie Claire's website highlighing some great leopard print items like the ones below....

Just to let you know....

People please be patient with me. I'm new to this blogging thing. It will get better! However, it's already fire cuz its about leopard print ! Yay !

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Check out this unique handbag !

Say "I do" to Leopard !

Some genius woman decided to get a little creative with her wedding cake. She is obviously obsessed, as she should be. Check out if you get the urge to get a little wild for your big day.

How Unique is This?

Pink Cake Box Cake

I told you that it was possible to incorporate leopard into everything. Check out the next pic also

Polyvore is a great site !

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