Friday, September 17, 2010

Wild About Dresses !

I thought that there was nothing sexier than a woman in a dress but I was wrong. Turns out, there is just one thing sexier.....a woman in a leopard print dress. And I say this, being the grown and sexy woman that I am. It drives men wild and turns another woman's head. But my main reason for making this claim is that I feel the sexiest when I wearing a leopard pring DRESS. Ladies, I want, NO...need, you to feel the same. Please pay attention to my next couple of posts. They will be pictures of the most unique and sexy leopard print dresses I can find.

Motel The Hatty Dress,Dresses for Women

This next one is a favorite of man because it's leopard print but not with the traditional colors. If you love leopard print, you should love it on any color, although having a preference is understandable. My preference happens to be the tradional black, tan, and brown but this dress, as you can see, is in black, gray, and white. I love the strap on this dress. It's what makes this dress unique. I also like that the dress is flouncy and flirty very ladylike yet sexy.

This next one is just a lil too sexy for me, probably because I don't have the perfect body for it. Ha ! But for the ladies that do, party on in this sexy leopard print party dress. The sides are cut out, for those that like to show a bit more. Enjoy !

Womens Halter Neck Cut Out Bandage Party Clubwear Hot Dress

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