Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Love Jennifer Lopez !

I've been loving leopard print since leopards have been leopards. I guess leopard print has always been trendy but this season, it's really all over the place. I buy People Style Watch and Glamour Magazine FAITHFULLY. Don't ask me why I won't just subscribe. Guess it's that professional procratinator in me. Anyway, the last issues I bought must have been put together just for me because Jennifer Lopez is on the cover of Glamour adorned in leopard print and her entire photoshoot is sprinkled with leopard print SOMETHING. I opened up People Style Watch and leopard print jumps out, slaps me, and knocks me on the floor. I love these magazines. Please buy them or subscribe ! But back to my topic...check out my girl Jenny !

Let me just remind you guys...Jenny is not a virgin to this wild print. Check her out ! I luv this chick !

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