Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Let go of my COATTAIL.....

I've decided that it was time to complete another post on leopard print coats. The first was named "Ready for Winter". Check it out if you haven't because I still love those also. I have seen a lot of comments on twitter and being that the cold weather has come upon us, it's only fitting that I post again. I myself have decided that I am missing a a leopard print coat in my closet. I can't seem to pick the one I want to rock! Is it bad to get three of them? I'm sure it's a bit ridiculous but hey...I'm obsessed. I believe that a leopard print coat is a bold statement. You are telling the world to look at you and while they are looking, you are telling them that you could care less what they think ! You are glamarous and you know it ! This is not for the faint at heart. Be ready to grab all sorts of attention. Face the a leopard print coat. And when the men pounce and follow you like a lost puppy, tell them to LET GO OF YOUR COATTAIL ! Here are a few more found. Tell me what you think. Click on the links if you wish to go to the site and get a better look.

Leopard Vintage Faux Fur Coat

Aqua Faux Leopard Fur Chubby

Kate Spade New York "Lynda" Leopard Print Faur-Fur Chubby

Gallery Faux Fur Leopard Print Coat



Monday, November 8, 2010

WEDGE my foot up your....

Hey ! I know the title of this post is crazy but it was the only way I could put wedge into a blog post ! I’m serious. I think it’s clever. I am doing this post because I am not rich. No seriously, this is the real reason. The problem is, I’ve fallen in love with a very expensive pair of leopard print wedge boots. Until I meet a rich husband, I have to come up with alternatives. I’m sure you guys understand and may feel the same. The first picture I will post will be of the leopard print shoes I WISH I could have. The pictures that follow are more affordable alternatives. I’d very much like to know what you think. Give your opinion on the best leopard print wedges. They don’t have to be the one most similar to the one I love, but they have to be FIERCE !

Here they are ! The Giuseppe Zanotti Sculpted Wedge Bootie. No words needed. Just oohs and aahs will suffice.

Here are some leopard print wedges I have found that could possibly take my mind off of these.

Yaneli Leopard Wedge

Yanelli Cheetah Wedge Boot

Caesar Platform Wedge Bootie

Jeffrey Campbell Cheetah Wedge Boot

Leopard Wedge Booties


Tobi02 Leopard Platform Wedge BROWN