Monday, September 20, 2010

My Cell Phone is an Extension of Me !

I know I mentioned before that I am really into self-expression. I believe I mentioned this on my post about keychains. I like for certain accessories to speak for me. I want people to be able to tell what kind of person I possibly am by certain things I carry or have in my possession. I own an iPhone 4 and it is literally my life. I have had previous iPhones also. When I upgraded to the latest version of the iPhone, I was disappointed because there were no iPhone 4 cases that matched my personality. They were all boring, only solid colors, no prints. I had a glittery/blingy leopard print case on my previous iphone and couldn't use it on the new iPhone because Apple made the latest version a different shape than previous versions. I am excited to say that I have found leopard print IPHONE 4 CASES !!!! Here are some of my favorites.

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