Friday, October 28, 2011

Beyoncé - Party ft. J. Cole

LUV this video....I'm a color girl (not colored, although I am) so the abundance of bright colors in this video make me wanna sing. I just got inspired in all kinds of ways pertaining to fashion, nails, hair, and LIFE. Beyonce is my girl ! She continues to rock. SHE'S A BEAST ! YES! Anyhoo, I posted this vid because Bey wears a leopard print fur while sitting on a bed and she also wears a leopard print bra. Look closely and tell me if you see it ! I have a prize for the first person to tell me the exact time frame of the video where she first appears in the leopard print bra. Happy Viewing !


  1. The leopard bra first appears at 3:07. She is wearing a black leather jacket over it.

  2. you win again ! Congrats ! Check your email.