Thursday, March 31, 2011

My two favorite chicks!

I've decided to do a post on my two favorite famous chicks in the world, well after Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts, that is. I am such a fan of Rihanna and Katy Perry. I LUV their style. If I could just combine their closets to make my own, I would be the happiest girl in the world. I love Rihanna's edgy look and I love Katy Perry's girly look. Both of them are soooo me. They were THE coolest clothes EVER. I could have split this post into two different posts but I wanted to do them together because they represent the two sides of me. I also thought it was fitting since Rihanna and Katy Perry are best buds. Here are my favorite images of them in, you guessed it....LEOPARD....enjoy.

Here is Katy Perry on the cover of an Australian issue of Cosmopolitan. The image came was found at this link:

Here is Katy again in leopard, this time on the cover of Glamour magazine.

Below is one of my absolute favorite pics. I was instantly attracted to this pic because of the leopard print of course, but also because it was so darn cute, girly, and creative. This is from an ad for her new perfume name Purr. I love it ! This image was found at this link:

The image below is a great look for Katy. I say this because I am used to her looking cute, like a doll. The picture below is a sexy picture of her. It makes me want to go out and buy an outfit just like this one and strike the exact same pose. Somebody grab a camera quick. Hmmm...wheels are turning in my head. Think I could pull it off? This image was found here :

Here are some pics of Rihanna in leopard print that are so FREAKIN FIERCE ! The first three are definitely my favorites because I wish to recreate them. They were found here:

This next pixture is awesome. I love love love it ! Only Rihanna.....and me, would do this. This girl just doesn't care what anybody thinks does she? This image can be located here :

Below is a cute pic of Rihanna. It's such a playful pic. The image can be found here:

The next pic is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE leopard print outfit on Rihanna. I think it's because the all white outfit makes the leopard print blouse stand out that much more. I have been wanting to copy this one for a VERY LONG TIME. The image can be found at

Loving this cute leopard print bow tie brooch Rihanna is wearing ! The image can be found at