Thursday, June 23, 2011

You've Been Acting Shady Lately.....

From my part of the globe, SHADY is what you would call someone that you cannot trust. They are sneaky, conniving, and trifling. It can also refer to a person who is acting strangely or different, or brand new shall we say. For instance, you and a guy have been kicking it for a while and when you see him in public, he acts as if he doesn't know you like that. Another example would be if you were cool with someone in high school but when they see you years later, they act like they don't know or remember you that well. This definition has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with my post. I just felt like telling you guys what it meant so that you can understand the phrase I used for this post.

Anyhoo, I am crazy about shades/sunglasses and of course my favorite would be leopard print ! I have been looking for a new pair because mine don't stand out enough !

Here are some pics me wearing the ones I currently own. Scroll down to see a few pairs that I am considering purchasing. I will need help deciding !

Here are the ones I'm thinking about buying. Please tell me what you think !

Gloria Vanderbilt Sculpted Leopard Sunglasses BROWN

You can find these here !

UrbanSpecs Readers Reading Glasses Reading Glasses - R14940 - Tortoise Sunreader with Leopard Temples / TORTOISE W/LEOPARD

Birdz Eyewear Women's CatBird Sunglasses (Leopard Frame/Brown Gradient Lenses)

You can find the above frames here !!!! You definitely need some of these in your life !

I'm so loving these ! They are bold ! Find these here !!! has some very cute ones so make sure you all check those out !


  1. hey honeypie! I never used to wear shades but lately, I've been lovin em! Love these posted on your blog! Glad to see that you're back to writing girlie! take care!

  2. Thanks girl ! How have you been? Yes, I'm back to writing :-) Girl, shades make me feel so glamourous, like I'm famous or something, lol. I'm still loking for the perfect leopard print shades though. I have a bunch of other kinds. It's a sad sad addiction. lol. Take care !

  3. Amazing sunglasses, hun! Love the first one you're wearing!

  4. KaNini, thanks but I will remain unsatisfied until I find some like yours ! I mean it ! This post was the start of my endless hunt until I find some sunglasses I fall in love with :-)

  5. love those urban specs ones - just bought a pair of ralph lauren tortoiseshell this spring and wear them every day :)

  6. Thanks for visiting and commenting Anne-Marie ! I would love to find a pair I love so much that I wear them everyday. Yeah the urban specs are dope !

  7. Great post! I love shades. I can't wear them while driving but I love to wear them when i'm out & about. You look great. I have a few cheetah & leopard print shades :)

  8. Ashley ! Thanks for commenting. Girl I wear mine while I'm driving, even at night...although i take them off when I can barely see ! lol. Where did you get your leopard print shades from? I just bought two new pair!

  9. Great post! I love shades, You look great. I have a few cheetah & leopard print shades