Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sam Edelman

Would somebody please tell Sam Edelman that I have bills to pay and the leopard print shoes MUST STOP RIGHT NOW ! I promise you that his designs make my addiction worse. I love leopard, everyone knows that. I love leopard print shoes. Everyone knows that. However, I love, lust, and loathe a leopard print shoes by Sam Edelman. The shoes are always so classic yet unique. I didn't know much about the designer until I read a short article which can be found here . By reading this, I found out that Sam Edelman and his wife used to own Sam & Libby, a shoe line I knew alot about growing up. I had no idea that he and his wife started that line. For some odd reason, this just makes me love Sam more. Here are some of my favorite shoes from this designer.

Now these GO HARD. My boyfriend laughs at my leopard obsession but even he had to admit that these were fresh. They can be found on one of my favorite sites which is The exact link is here !
Now, I wonder if my boo will buy me a pair....hmmmm

Okay, when Sam Edelman came out with these shoes adorned in spikes, everybody and their momma wanted a pair. There were different colors but of course I fell in love with the leopard print pair. These are simply to die for.....
Find them here :

Now this is one classy pair of pumps. The print is GORGEOUS ! You can find these here:

I love these shoes because of the bow on the top. The bow makes them adorable but the spikes make them edgy. Love the contradiction. These can be found here :

I had to close with this shoe because it is my absolute favorite shoe EVER. No explanation is needed. You should fall in love with these shoes at first sight. If you do not, you need to be checked out my a doctor....seriously. Find these here !

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