Thursday, September 30, 2010

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go !

I have recently come upon some formal leopard print dresses that make me want to go to somebody's ball/ prom/gala/whatever. Has that ever happened to you? You ever found a dress that you wanted badly but you had no idea where you were gonna wear it to because you had nowhere to go. As a teen, there were plenty of formal events to attend. If it wasn't prom, it was some type of dance or ball. Where do people go as adults? It's time I find out...because there is no way I won't be purchasing a leopard print formal gown this season. The holidays are approaching. Surely I can find someone's party or charity function to attend. Tell me what you all think of these.

This first one is my favorite because it is very dramatic and eye-catching. I absoluely love the color and the style of dress. Definintely worth every penny you spend on it. You can find it at

I like the next dress because of the color. I think that this dress is unique because it has a lot going on. Very interesting dress. This Riva Designs dress can be found at

The next dress is designed by Sherri Hill and can be found on . I absolutely love the back view of this dress. It's a jaw-dropper for sure. It is very elegant and sexy at the same time.

This next dress is also by Sherri Hill. It's adorable and sexy. The leopard print makes it sexy but the frills and the color make it girlish and adorable. It seems like such a fun dress to wear. I can totally see myself in something like this. Doesn't the model in the picture seems like she's having fun?  Locate this dress at

I'm really starting to dig this Sherri Hill. The dresses she design are all so fun and so ME ! Check out this next dress. I love the red and brown combination and the site advises that there is a lace-up back to this dress. How cute? WHY MUST TEENS HAVE ALL THE FUN? Find it at

Okay seriously. Something has got to change. Is there a way I could go back in time? I need to go to my Senior Prom again. Where is a hot tub time machine when you need one? I REALLY need to go back to my prom and wear this dress. I am really sitting here pondering whether I am too old to wear this. If I was a celeb, then I could wear what I wanted. I mean, look at Mariah Carey. She's as girly as they come and she's in her 40's, I think. Why must we be very young to dress in a fun way? Do you all think I'm too old for this? Anyhoo, the dress can be found at and the designer is Jovani.

JOVANI STRIKES AGAIN! I don't care how loud, colorful, and bright you all think this dress is. It's just the type of thing I would wear. You have got to understand that not just anybody can wear this dress. You have to be FEARLESS ! I love it ! Totally wild. The designer is, once again, Jovani. This dress can be found at

Designer Tony Bowls is stealing my heart. Brilliant ! This dress....NO WORDS....WOW. Get is at .


  1. Well, I can truly relate my past experience of having a very glamorous
    la femme prom dresses, I had dressed up myself with all the accessories and shoes without any idea of where to go. However, I was then satisfied when my friend call me to attend her cousin's party.

  2. I love the print dresses especially the first one. I love the color and the design.