Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Tomboy in Me....

Ok, so yeah, I'm a complete girly girl. However my style is girly with a slight edge. I think this is because I was a tomboy as a kid, all because of having an older brother that insisted I swing on tree branches with him. I think that because of this, I will always love tennis shoes/sneakers. I have an addiction to nike shox, adidas, and pretty much any bright-colored sneaker. Well, it's just my luck that many designers are making tennis shoes in my favorite print.....LEOPARD...duh, what'd you think I was going to say. Once you view the sneakers below, you will probably want to go out and by yourself a pair, ASAP.

Check out these from Christian Louboutin. This photo is courtesy of

If you are a Converse type of girl, you should love these. This photo is also courtesy of

I MUST TYPE THIS PARAGRAPH IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I AM IN LOVE WITH THE NEXT PAIR OF SHOES. THE DESIGNER IS NONE OTHER THAN CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. THEY CAN BE FOUND AT . Okay I will go back to lower case as not to blind you and also to give you the link to go and purchase these. Get them here!

Check out this next pair from Puma. I can totally see myself rocking these on one of my casual days. I love Puma anyways and to have them in leopard print would be awesome. I love the color, a white base with grey/black leopard print , especially with the splash of neon green on the shoes and the laces. I want to go out and buy this pair now! What do you guys think of this great find?

Picture courtsey of Love this site!

As you have seen so far, I have posted sneakers no matter what your style is. If you like a more classic print, I have posted the Converse sneaker and the Christian Louboutin. For more fun shoes, I have posted Pumas. This next shoe falls into the category of fun! When you feel more casual and playful, this is the look you are going for Throw these on with a pair of jeans or sweats to be casually cute. This next pair is from Reebok. I love these. Actually I love all the shoes I have posted, which is why I posted them...DUH. But really though, all of them match my style. It just depends on the mood I'm in on a particular day. These Reebok were found on They are shown in two colors but I would probably get the first pair. Why? Well, weren't you listening. I already told you all that I love bright-colored tennis shoes. PAY ATTENTION WILL YA !!

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