Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Inspiration from Olivia Palermo

There has been talk about Olivia Palermo's leopard print belt. From the first picture, people say that she went overboard but I absolutely love it. Sure, in the second picture the belt looks good with her black dress but in my opinion, HOW BORING ! I don't think she went overboard at all. I fell in love with the look the moment I saw it! I do believe in playing it safe at times and yes it is VERY possible to go overboard with leopard print. However, not in this case. Screw anyone who thinks it was a bit much. It was eclectic perfection ! What do you all think?

Why don't we take inspiration from her? I've decided to look for some similar items so you can create the same look, of course from the first pic because the second one is BORING , well the cut out shoulders are kinda hott . LOL

Get it  here here from Buckle!




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