Friday, December 31, 2010

Keri kindred spirit !

I remember when I first heard Keri Hilson on a track with Timbaland titled "The Way You Are". I loved it and I loved the video ! I just liked her style. So you can imagine I was pretty excited when she released her own singles. I couldn't wait to buy her first cd after hearing "Turnin' Me On". I was totally sold when I saw the cover of the cd and Keri was wearing leopard print leggings. Now with her most recent cd, she has done it again, rocking leopard print nails ! This is the reason I still purchase cds ! I love the album covers and artwork. So I started off with the idea to just post her two album covers. I've already done a post showing her video for "Breaking Point" in which she was also rocking leopard print so there is no need for that. However, I did an image search on Yahoo ! and saw that Keri rocks leopard print A LOT ! Yay ! I love her even more! She is truly my kindred spirit ! Keri, I love you .....and I'm also from the "A" ...not that you will ever read this ! lol

Fellow addicts...check out these pics !

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