Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pump it Up!

Pumps will forever be with us! Aren't you glad about that? They will never go out of style, will always be fashionable, and will always be a trend. I wonder where that name came from..."pumps". Hmmm....no need to wonder when I can just look it up. Here goes...

Okay. This is what about.com had to say about the what defines a pump and where the name came from.

What are Pumps?

Pumps, in their most classic form, are lightweight, strapless shoes with closed backs. Generally speaking, pumps have a seamless front upper that is cut closer to the toes than the top of the foot. They need no fastening or lacing, as the foot can be slipped into them easily, although some styles have buckles or laces as a design feature, rather than a necessity. Pumps can have any heels of any height.

History of Pumps

Though the pump has been a staple in women's shoes for centuries, it was originally worn (without a heel) by men and servants in the 1500s - then they were called a "pompes." 

Eventually, bows and other embellishments, as well as heels were added to pumps, making them more feminine than the flat, plain shoes from which they originated.

Now that we are clear on this, let's get on with it ! It appears that women took what belonged to men and made it theirs ! So what else is new ? We have been doing this for years and we are still doing it ! We are women, hear us roar ! We stole their "pompes" and made them "pumps", making them feminine and embellishing them with our own thing ! How nice ! So, this should make us feel very powerful when we stomp around in our pumps ! I'm really feeling this power.....let's pump it up ladies ! The only way to improve pumps are covering them in...you guessed it, LEOPARD PRINT ! Check out my favs !

Leopard Print Camille Pump

Retro Leopard Print Peep Toe Pumps

Leopard Suede Peep-Toe Pump

Leopard Print Crocodile Strap Pump

Leopard Print Peep Toe Pumps

Steve Madden Women's Ulltra -L Pump

As I find more, I will post more. Let me know what you think of these !


  1. I actually have a pair of print pumps. I love them, but I have yet to really wear them :-/
    I really like the first shoe you posted. I've been looking for a pump like that.

  2. Ashley ! thanks for commenting! Why don't you wear them ? I find all kinds of reasons to wear mine! lol. I love the first ones also. Did you go the site to view them ?