Friday, December 31, 2010

Nicki Minaj in Leopard Print !

Ok honestly, I was not a fan of Nicki Minaj for a long time. least not openly. LOL. Secretly, I liked her audacity and boldness, her willingness to be different, her animation, her antics, and her crazy style. However, I thought she was incredibly shallow. But then I bought her cd, and there are many different styles on it and shows other sides of her. So now, I'm ok with saying I am a Nicki fan. Not just because of her music but because she represents originality and being yourself. Mainly, I think that she is smart, maybe not booksmart (although she could be) but I mean she is smart because she knows how to market herself. So...say what you want about her but she is killing it right now. She probably has just as much haters as she does fans but hey, she keeps controversy going so as long as people are talking, she is making money. Anyhoo, I did a post on Nicki because she did something I just cannot hate on....she rocked a leopard print catsuit at a Christmas concert in NYC. Check out the pics below. They were found on Tell me what you think but I don't really care....I'm luvin it !

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