Monday, October 4, 2010

Kiss My.....Shoe !

I got a thing for shoes, that is not a secret. Most women have this same obsession but I will bet money that I love shoes more than the next. If I had any skills, I would design shoes for a living. But alas, I have no skills so I'm stuck bringing you the best I can find of LEOPARD PRINT ANYTHING ! I have find some "to-die-for" shoes that will knock your socks off. Ha. Get it. I'm so corny. But on a serious note, I have found some gorgeous, unique shoes that I just had to post TONIGHT! You have to see them ! I have included the links for you to purchase because you are gonna want a pair of these babies!


                                                Click if you want them !


  1. Y'all women love y'all shoes. I ain't mad @ it though.

  2. Yes we do! But I'm sure you love to see women in our shoes ! lol. Thanks for visiting !

  3. Oh so of them are so fabulous !
    I'm after some zebra print ones :)