Sunday, October 3, 2010

May I Ask for Your CARD-I-GAN?

HA HA! I'm so silly. At my "real job" people always ask me for my card and I sometimes forget and they say, "May I ask for your card again?" I thought I would name the post this because this post is all about CARDIGANS! Don't you just love them? I do! A classy piece of clothing it is. A great way to add layers and make your outfit pop. Example: Imagine wearing all black with a leopard print CARDIGAN. I am here to bring your attention to some great ones. I think these are perfect for those who are getting into the leopard print trend and they have tried a few small pieces but are ready to take it to the next level. They have fallen in love with the print and are looking for a signature piece. Look no further. I have what you need right here.

Ann Taylor Women's Winter White Petite Leopard Print V-Neck Cardigan

Jones New York Cardigan Sweater

INC International Concepts Petite Cardigan, Elbow Sleeve Printed Belted Madame Leopard P/M

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