Thursday, October 7, 2010

A little leopard goes a long way.....

The purpose of this post is to show small items that pack a big punch.. This is the very reason why I love leopard print. It's mere presence alone is enough to add spice to any room or outfit. In fact, sometimes its the small, distinctive items, that add a nice touch and make you stand out. Minimal leopard print adds spice, elegance, class, etc, to any outfit or room. I love for people to catch a gimpse of leopard print when they are around me. For instance, the other day I was with one of my best friends and I was wearing a long sleeve coat and I was talking and using my left hand. She happened to see my leopard print GUESS watch on my wrist and fell in love with it. Now I'll admit, I'm a little out there when it comes to style and I like to grab attention with unique clothing and accessories. But, my friend is much more simple. The fact that she was thrilled proved how a little leopard will go a long way and gave have a huge impact and be much more impressive. It's such a powerful print anyway, so not much is needed to be memorable.  Small leopard print items are also great for people who unlike me, have just decided to give the print a chance. They are not yet ready to go full on leopard print with coats or shoes, but prefer little touches.

Here are a few small pieces of leopard to own that will add to your look or a room, whether wearing or looking at them.

This first item is a leopard print jewelry box which I can totally see sitting on my dresser in the bedroom. How adorable! It would delight me so just to store my jewelry inside. Find it at .

I love this next item because I seem to have a thing for cute compact mirrors. Don't ask me why but whenever I see one that's unique, I must have it. So just call me a collector or something. Now of course I prefer the leopard print mirror. Get it at .

I absolutely adore this leopard print trinket box ! It really caught my eye when I found it. It can be found at

If you like the above item, make sure to check out and view the jewelry box below.

Next up, I love this leopard print hair clip found at .

If you like this item, check out the below image of a leopar print headband found at

Here is a leopard print item to adorn your wrist. It's a leopard print cuff bangle bracelet found at  I love that's it's a bit glittery. I love any kind og bling or shimmer !

Also here to adorn your wrist, and tell you the time of day, is a leopard pring watch by GUESS, which is sure to catch anyone's eye. It's very similar to the one I own, which you can see a picture of if you view my very first post titled "What Time Is it?" Find this watch on or click the link below the picture.

GUESS Watch, Women's Catwalk Animal Print Leather Strap U85109L1 0

I love this next item. I think envelope flap purses are so chic ! Isn't this the cutest? Get it at It's by Inge Christopher. What adds to this bag is the beaded satin material and the chainlink strap. TDF!

I love a nice clutch and the next item is perfect because its leopard print (of course) and sequined. Find it at

Need a business card holder that speaks to your wild side and lets others know you aren't all work and no play? Go to to find this next item.

If you like the above item but prefere more color, check out this next one. Click on the link below it to find and purchase.

Hot Pink Leopard Print Business Card Holder

Winter is coming! Show off your style with these leopard print gloves. So Chic ! Click on the link to purchase. I'm about to get a pair of these babies myself.

Unlined Leopard Print Women's Driving Gloves by ISOTONER.

Prefer a fingerless glove? Check out to find these stylish gloves sure to turn heads.

Look forward to more items !

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  1. Good animal Cloth Collation.. It is good for unique Style