Friday, October 8, 2010

Thigh High!

I love thigh high boots because they are extremely sexy. I love wearing them. It's just something so womanly about them. I love that although you are very sexy, a woman can look totally classy when wearing them. If you have never tried them, give them a chance. You'd be surprised how they make you feel. Here a a few I adore. After looking at them, I shouldn't have to further convince you.

I love this first pair found at because they are FLATS ! How many of you know that flats can be totally sexy. These are freakin' hottt ! A great way to be casual, simple, and chic. These are suede and unfortunately, the site is all sold out at the moment. I'll keep searching for similar items.

Go to to check out this next pair. If you aren't trying to turn heads, don't wear these !

Check out for the next pair. These are stretchy (good if you have shapely calves) and have a wooden heel.

I am so afraid of this next pair of shoes ! Wow ! Slouchy shaft...which I love. Hidden platform...even better. Great price.....I'M SOLD. Find this boot at They are by Qupid Nelson.

The next boot can be found at I think they is only one size left in this color combination so hopefully you are the lucky girl. I love these boots by Calvin Klein because of the three buckles on the shaft.

This next pair may be my favorite. Go to for these boots designed by Stuart Weitzman. They are called the "Lace Me Up" because they lace up in the back. If you were paying attention, you would recognize this boot from my post titled "Breathtaking Boots and Booties".

Here is another paor of flats that you will love. Check out or for these babies. The designer is Sam Edelman and for some odd reason the shoe is named "James" . You like?

Want a more casual boot, check out. for the next pair of shoes. First thing that comes to mind when I see them are the words "comfy casual".

This next pair it too sexy for me! You might have to fight men off of if you wear these! Go to This is a thigh high printed stretch boot with, get this....a SIX INCH HEEL !

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